About me

Designed as jewellery for the interior, the Lemardeley’s creations reflect French craftsmanship infused with elegance and refinement.  Based in France, near Paris, Lemardeley provokes reflection and reverie through its handmade collections by carefully selected craftsmen. Lemardeley invites us into a dreamlike universe; we dance with bright mobiles, dream of chandeliers with colored bubbles and travel coiled in the hollows of a winged sofa.

Inspired by Etruscan jewelry and Greek mythology, Lemardeley’s pieces are treasures whose brilliance is enhanced by the gesture of the hand that designed them.  Emilie Lemardeley has an atypical path as a designer. She studied literature, and political sciences, then hopped to Sotheby’ s in London and finally graduated in France at Olivier de Serres. Very quickly, she createsher own brand and offer her original universe to an international clientele.

The Lemardeley pieces are all narrative and generous. They offer several levels of reading, ranging from primary functionality to symbol. The talent of the designer lays in her ability to awake, with harmonious colors and balanced materials, the reminiscences of our Western cultures.

In Paris, Avant Scène Gallery and Yves Gastou Gallery, present some Lemardeley’s creations.

In Los Angeles, Garde Shop presents some Lemardeley’s creations – 7410 Beverly Blvd, L.A, USA.